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Lexi Friesen
An author, playwright, and philanthropist, Hannah More was a single woman living in England during the 1700s into the early nineteenth century. Moore was the fourth of five daughters in her family. All of the More sisters were educated by their father, John, first learning the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics. More’s father was slightly fearful of the way she soaked up education, as mathematics was especially seen was masculine. Despite John’s worrying, the older sisters went on to educate themselves and their younger sister; More wrote her first play when she was seventeen, developing her writing skills at a young age, while she was teaching at a girls’ boarding school that her older sisters ran. Her play was called The Search for Happiness, and was meant to i... Read more
Lexi Friesen
[Editor's note: March is Women's History Month and CBE is celebrating by highlighting some admirable women from church history that you may or may not be familiar with. Each post this month will have short biographies on a few of these women who lived during a certain time period. We hope you find this month-long series enriching and enlightening.] Nino Nino was a great woman apostle in the fourth century, best known for her preaching and healing in the Iberian kingdom (present-day Georgia), although prior to that she helped her uncle spread the gospel around Rome. Nino healed Queen Nana of Iberia from a severe illness. This incident caused the queen to convert to Christianity and be baptized by Nino, despite the king’s intolerance for Christians. The king threatened... Read more
In the media today there seems to be a discrepancy on how commercials portray women. We know that commercials are trying to get people to buy a certain product, but are commercials using women just to get people to buy a product by how they portray them, or are some companies trying to put out a more dignified portrayal of women? There are several commercials that came out this year that portray women in a way that makes people want to buy a product. In one T-Mobile commercial Kim Kardashian appears and shares a heart felt monologue for the loss of people’s phone data. The commercial catches peoples’ attention because of Kim Kardashian’s fame and heartfelt statement, but she is nonetheless being used to get people’s attention. Her reasons for her sorrow are for t... Read more