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In the past week there has been a diversity of articles posted on the internet that somehow address biblical equality. Here are just a few of them. “If my Daughter Wants to be a Priest” by Shawn Smucker (The High Calling) “Maybe Lucy will be a priest someday, I thought to myself, and this was an entirely new thought. I was shocked that it hadn’t been something I had considered before. In no other church that we’ve ever attended have I or my daughters had an example of what that calling looks like for a woman. They could have grown older and had a stirring to lead God’s people, but without Reverend Lauren, without a living embodiment of what that looks like, would they have known what to do about it? Would they have even recognized it for what it wa... Read more
When I was a child, I wanted to be just like my father. He was a preacher, and I loved watching him share the Word of God with his flock. I especially loved it when he expounded on the original Greek and Hebrew in the biblical text. I thought the most wonderful thing in the world would be to attend seminary, learn these languages, and then share my insights with others like my father. Unfortunately, I faced one very large hurdle: women weren’t supposed to preach. I knew this because I heard my parents discussing it. One day in our house they were complaining about how our denomination was simply becoming too extreme. I distinctly recall hearing my mother say, “Why, I hear that in some of our churches they’re even allowing women preachers!” A couple of years later... Read more
Readers of Carolyn Custis James are familiar with her recurrent challenge to believers to pattern views of gender not after cultural descriptors but after the unblemished design God gives in the first two chapters of Genesis. In books like When Life and Beliefs Collide, The Gospel of Ruth, and Half the Church, she carefully mines God’s blueprint and insists that it should define what it means to be female. James now turns her focus on men for the first time in her latest book, Malestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World. Manhood, she claims, is under siege and not because there are women in the board room and men in the laundry room. The crisis that threatens men has ancient roots according to James, and the only real solution is to recapture the even more ancie... Read more