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If you have only heard of Eve, Sarah, or Mary as significant women in the Bible, then you will enjoy reading Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter. This book can be used in two ways. The first is as a reference tool. If you want to know what the servant girls at the High Priest’s House said, you can easily find the references on page 377. Readers can also use this book as a way of entering the stories of each woman in the Bible. Many of them are not named and do not have as many descriptions attributed to them as their male counterparts. In Bible Women, the role of each of these female characters is deemed significant and explored in the text. Hardin Freeman helps readers understand each woman’s role in the context of the biblical narrative. She describes the scen... Read more
Jeannette Cook
[Editor's note: This is a post in a series on egalitarianism and autism. The first post, written by Jeannette's daughter, Katia, can be found here.] I grew up longing for fatherly acceptance and love. My dad was very creative in putting my sister Shari* and I down. Shari’s nickname was Big Pig, and mine was Little Pig. We soon learned that he didn’t think we were very smart. He often sang the following to the tune of a famous classical piece by Schubert: Nette is a gob of goo, And Shari is a gob of goo, too. If we made a childish mistake, he would say we were dumber than four hogs, among other things. We learned to stay out of his way because when he was home and spanked us, it was painful. Thankfully, his spankings were rare, but the verbal abuse was nonst... Read more
Katia Cook
[Editor's note: As we near the end of our content series on youth and egaliatarianism, we'll be presenting the stories of two women at the intersection of two seemingly unrelated topics: egalitarianism and autism. Katia, who lives with autism, and her mother, Jeanette, will share interesting insights into these two topics through their own stories and their analysis of how egalitarians can work towards equality in realms that include people with high-functioning autism. We hope you enjoy the seres.] It was at a homeschool group pizza party when I was almost 12 that I faced the cold reality: I was different. The other girls in our group fit together. I was the misfit. So was my family. Unlike the other homeschool families in our area, Dad was not as involved as the other fathers,... Read more