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“It’s not like she’s a radical feminist or anything.” My back stiffened at the graduate student’s description of his wife, and my eyes darted to the other side of the classroom, where my friend Rachel looked as stunned as I felt. Amir had been co-teaching our gender communication class for almost three months, and had approached every issue with a skillful blend of authoritativeness and openness. To hear him nervously give in to the common cliché was jarring. Only a few weeks before, we’d had a similar experience while sitting in a circle of lovely and wise women of valor, all sharing our stories. As more than one young woman in the circle hastily stressed that she was no “radical feminist,” I could see the passing look of frustr... Read more
Ursula King’s reader, Feminist Theology from the Third World brings together the diverse perspectives of women engaging in feminist theology, giving recognition and honor to the often absent or underrepresented voices of women of the Third World and women of color in the Unites States. The title highlights the book’s two controversial and misunderstood topics—the Third World and feminist theology. King dives right in with her introduction, setting the tone and context for a collection of writings that revolves around both concepts. She defines the “Third World” as referencing not only geographic location, but also marginalized communities, encompassing women of color in wealthy nations as well as the commonly identified geographic locations of Latin America, A... Read more
As in all of history, people today are searching for their unique identities. The great quest of life is often driven by the question: who are you, from which one asks—what therefore must I do? Learning what makes you, you, is a quest that requires great courage, fortitude, and most of all, attentiveness. Yet, too often, identity is linked exclusively to ethnicity, gender, nationality, age, and education. These social categories were very much a part of the order of the ancient world and they had a direct impact on religious life—barring many from participating in social and spiritual activities. This was a reality of the world prior to the work of Jesus. However, the gospel offers a different picture of human identity through our rebirth in Christ, lived out practically in... Read more