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Earlier this week we remembered Martin Luther King, Jr. and in his honor I re-read “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” King’s prophetic words ignited the brushfire of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, but still smolder in the hearts of Americans living with unrest in Ferguson and New York City. I was only a baby when King wrote this letter. As a white girl growing up in Tennessee and Indiana, I can’t remember witnessing any overtly racist situation. But because of King’s words (and even movies like The Help, The Butler, and Selma) I’ve learned to read our nation’s history with a broader perspective than my own limited experience would allow. My perspective today includes experience with and reflection on the injustice often faced by women in ministr... Read more
Kati Brandt
[Editor's note: This is the third post in Kati's series on human trafficking for our January theme of the devaluation of women. Her first post can be found here and her second here.] Last week we focused on women in sex trafficking. This week we tackle labor trafficking. To be honest, sex slavery is a pretty easy thing to be against. It’s shocking and horrifying and once you know that it exists it’s morally easy to see the problem. Labor trafficking is a different story. It’s not as organized as international prostitution rings. It’s messy and harder to detect and it affects every single human being on the planet.  Do you buy clothing, shoes, accessories? You might be part of the problem. Labor trafficking is not talked about as much a... Read more
Seems like every few days, the Christian blogosphere produces a new article on the 5, 7, or 10 people Christians should avoid marrying. Some lists are great, but others are patriarchal beyond the point of absurdity. So my husband, Tim, and I made our own list. If you’re a woman looking for a partner, not a patriarch, here are some men to look for... 1.       Nobody Jesus wasn’t married. Why should you be? Single Christian women have been changing the world for millennia! 2.      The Jesus-lover This man loves Jesus. He takes his faith seriously and takes steps to connect with God in ways that are meaningful and unique to his personality. He seeks to model Jesus’ humility, gentleness, and compa... Read more