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While I was at university, I was obsessed with becoming a missionary. I wasted several years of my life trying to become one, because I was convinced that it was the Lord's will for me. Looking back, I now recognize how privilege, bias, and patriarchy drove my desire. Lurking beneath my perceived “calling” to missions was an unspoken assumption about my place in the world and the place of others in relation to myself. I now see that my goal and the assumptions driving it were rooted in my own bias. They were also a consequence of patriarchy.   I knew from childhood that I wanted to preach. I loved listening to my father preach every Sunday, and I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to dig deep and find out everything there was to know about the Bible. I wanted to c... Read more
“Powerful is the lure of privilege and so long is the shadow of power.” –Curtiss DeYoung What does it look like for a father to leverage his privilege on behalf of his daughter? How should a father use his platform and privilege to advocate for women? These questions complicate the vocation of fatherhood immensely. After all, daughters are not just daughters, they are also women and women-to-be. It is impossible to erase the implication of a daughter’s womanhood on her status in the world. When your daughter is born, she joins a people group that has been marginalized and silenced for much of history. She is a woman and thus her capability and humanity are still subjects of debate. Though her worth is likely clear and incontrovertible in your eyes, it is no... Read more
Recently, Perry Noble, pastor of New Spring megachurch, wrote an article defending the idea that women should preach. To that, theologian Tom Schreiner wrote a response for The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW). Though from a Southern Baptist background, Noble is open to a more egalitarian stance, at least to allow women to preach. Schreiner has argued for what can be identified as traditional complementarianism (men are the leaders in both the home and church). His overall perspective was that Perry Noble fails to persuade in his article for women preaching. I think Schreiner has some fair thoughts on the holes in Noble’s arguments (though not Noble’s conclusions about women preaching). However, both Schreiner... Read more