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A few years ago I finally visited our neighborhood church. Having driven past it almost daily for over a decade, and then looking for a worship community closer to home, I decided to scout it out and see if it could be a fit for our family. My vivid first impression was of the two pastors, Pastor Stephanie and Pastor Ed, standing up front to greet the congregation and deliver announcements. I was immediately struck by the remarkable chemistry they demonstrated in the way they played off each other, practically alternating sentences. Their way of interacting set a welcoming tone and suggested an environment of close community and leadership through partnership. I had never witnessed this sort of real-time collaboration between pastors and it provided a strong clue that I had discovered o... Read more
Lynn Anderson’s book, They Smell Like Sheep is an excellent resource for pastors and elders. Anderson describes the “essence of spiritual leadership” as “sheep following a shepherd because they know and trust him. This kind of trust and allegiance can be gained only one way—by a shepherd touching his sheep, carrying them, handling them, tending them, feeding them—to the extent that he smells like them” (p. 17). The book as a whole is wonderful, but I want to look closely at his discussion on authority in regard to leaders. Below is an excerpted and adapted summarization of chapter 13 from his book: The King James Bible translates 1Timothy 3:1, “If a man desires the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.” Biblically speaking, bi... Read more
In Part 1 and Part 2, I introduced why Alastair Roberts' view that an all-male "warrior priesthood" is essential is both non-biblical and illogical and looked specifically at the context of this in the creation story in Genesis 1 and 2. Today, we examine how the Bible supports unity and mutuality among men and women, which can only be fully restored in Jesus Christ. Unity and Mutuality, Not Male Dominance, the Core of Biblical Anthropology Therefore, the idea of “Man is created to be the authoritative leader, woman as his submissive assistant” is foreign to these texts, and has to be read into them from another source by those who hold to this idea.[1]  Nor do these texts in any way support the concept of a masculine leadership, wherein aggression and t... Read more