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Who made me into the advocate for women that I am today, writing these blogposts for Christians for Biblical Equality? I’ve sometimes given credit to strangers who catcalled me, or middle school boys who bullied me for being too smart. These experiences made me empathize with the mistreatment of other girls and women. But the truth is, I wouldn’t have been upset by this if the vast majority of men and women in my life hadn’t convinced me that I was worthy of equal treatment. I wouldn’t be an intelligent and compassionate spokesperson but for so many great men in my life. Today, I want to thank them. They really deserve the credit for developing me as a leader. Some fathers leave their kids or love their work more. But some fathers, like my dad, say “I... Read more
It came right down the last minute, but I managed to find a few posts to share this week. It always amazes me that I'm able to find new posts, week after week, to share with you. (I'd also appreciate help curating these, so if you see a post this week that you think should be featured next Friday, please post it in the comments or tweet it at me @naomi_writes.) But I shouldn't be surprised. God is moving! These are wonderful pieces. Enjoy! The prominent evangelical woman you don’t know…but should, by Jonathan Merritt (Religious News Service) “She was a bestselling author and powerful advocate for education of the poor who transformed Britain’s upper class and helped end the slave trade. This prominent evangelical’s name is Hannah Mor... Read more
Recently I was told the story of a 55-year-old woman currently attending an evangelical seminary. This story, and others like it, drive my upcoming research at the Evangelical Theological Society conference: A 6-year-old girl spends Saturday mornings with her mother and grandmother in their local, rural Texas Baptist church. Her mom is the church pianist and her grandmother the organist, so she plays quietly while they practice for the Sunday service. She has been fascinated by the preacher’s role for some time. One day she stands behind the pulpit and pretends quietly to be the preacher. Yet, even at the age of 6, she knows she can never be the preacher because she is a girl. No one told her this. No one had to. At the age of 55, she’s finally going to seminary, but i... Read more