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I’ve avoided writing on rape culture for a while, because it’s a difficult issue to tackle from a Christian perspective. In my experience, Christian churches don’t often talk about power and consent, and even more rarely do they truly acknowledge the reach and implications of rape culture for the body of Christ.   But recent events have pushed me over the edge. A woman I know posted a Facebook status about the first time she was raped eight years ago. She’s twenty-five. The first time, friends. Not the one time she was raped, but the first time. I have countless other friends who have been sexually assaulted, Christian and non-Christian women alike. By men at Christian colleges, by male colleagues, by male friends, and even by male authority figures. This... Read more
Dear Egalitarian Man With A Platform, I value your commitment to women’s full participation in the body of Christ. But your egalitarian values seem hollow when you stand on a platform full of men. They seem hollow when there are no women (or maybe a token woman) speaking beside you. It’s great that you talk about women’s representation in church. I’m so glad you think it’s important. And yet, you never ask how many women will be speaking before accepting a speaking invitation.  The thing is, Egalitarian Man With A Platform, talk is cheap. You can write or speak about a theology of gender equality, but how often do you offer up your space on the platform to a woman? How often do you use platform opportunities to include and partner with women? How... Read more
“Harry?” “Yeah, babe?” “Have you made a decision about repairing the dishwasher?” “Sally, I’m on it. I wish you wouldn’t keep bringing it up.” “I’m sorry, hon. I’m not trying to nag—but we need to either call a repairman or buy a new dishwasher. I’m getting tired of washing dishes by hand.” “But I’ve been helping out with the dishes!” “I know, and I appreciate that. But you’ve had two elder meetings this week, plus men’s group. So you haven’t been around all that often when it’s dish time. And the women’s ministry wants me to bring two cakes for the next bake sale, and that always makes extra dishes, so—“... Read more