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Paul Hjellming
[Editor’s note: This post includes quoted language and content that some readers may find offensive.] Trevor Noah has had a roller coaster of a week. On Monday, Comedy Central announced that he would be replacing Jon Stewart as the host of what is to many the best satirical news program on television, The Daily Show. Noah had been the show’s senior international correspondent for less than a year and wasn’t really on most people’s radar until he was announced as the new host. Profile after profile turned up in major news outlets, detailing his life as a mixed-race South African man who grew up during apartheid. It seemed like a great, diverse choice for the network. But then the tide began to turn for Noah. Just hours after the announcement about his new posit... Read more
Lexi Friesen
Saint Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception Sister Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Anna Muttathupadathu, was born in 1910 in Kerala, India. After experiencing the loss of her mother at a young age and then refusing pressure from her aunt to marry and become a housewife, Alphonsamma, as she was called locally, joined a convent at age seventeen. She completed her schooling through the Catholic Church, became a Franciscan nun, and taught at a girls’ high school. Her life as a teacher and sister was cut short as she suffered from multiple injuries and illnesses which lead to her death in 1946. Despite going through great pain, she remained faithful to God and became the first native Indian to be honored as a saint. At a ceremony to announce her canonization... Read more
Hello friends. I’m really excited about these great posts I found around the web recently. They speak great hope and great truth about egalitarianism, women’s history, and the Kingdom of God. Enjoy these posts about being a woman who leads, Christian feminism, the definition of manhood, women apologists, Christian sisterhood, and women leaders in the American colonies. From around the web: “Being a woman who leads… let me tell you why it’s worth it” by Stephanie Williams “’I want to be a church speaker when I grow up,’ she stated with confidence. I was so thrilled that all I could say was, ‘Wow!’ ‘You are going to have to show me the ropes, and how everything works.’ She said with an ever-so-slight stru... Read more