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Here are a few blog posts that caught my attention in the past fortnight. “Perhaps Feminism is not the Enemy” by Michael Jensen (Bible Society – Australia) This important article was written by an influential Sydney Anglican minister and college lecturer who states, “…a Christian point of view has more in common with feminism than not. The profundity of the affirmation that male and female are created in the image of God is extended by the deep equality that male and female can share together in Christ Jesus.” As an Australian, I am personally and deeply grateful for Michael’s article. “Count Z and the Egalitarian Revival” by Rob Dixon (Challenging Tertullian) Don’t let anyone tell you women preachers are a mod... Read more
There has been much written regarding how some people seem more adversely affected by headship teaching than others. It can appear as though a person’s early experiences of life is crucial to how they see themselves in relation to authority figures, especially in the church. Both girls and boys observe how the adults around them behave and form their life experiences long before they have any actual instruction about roles and biblical interpretations which promote patriarchy. Changing a person’s perception of themselves and others, can be an involved process but an excellent way to strengthen oneself against cultural views is to know what the Bible says about personhood. Some people have been blessed to have good role models and unbiased instruction as to why we wer... Read more
I grew up hearing the Bible stories surrounding the resurrection of Jesus. Of doubting Thomas, and the Emmaus road encounter. Of the final ascension. I remember the women—Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome—who discovered the empty tomb while delivering spices to Jesus’ grave (Mark 16:1-8). And the fact that Jesus first revealed himself to Mary, a woman, was constantly emphasized my wonderful mom. It showed that Jesus was different. And it meant something to our treatment of women in leadership. I remember those thoughts being ingrained in my head from the age of nine. I had years of Bible stories behind me at this point. But that wasn’t all—my family, along with a few others, had recently separated from our church over the issue that wo... Read more