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tim+anne evans
We have recently received a number of emails from the Family Research Council sponsored Watchmen on the Wall. Their slogan appears to be: Championing Pastors to Transform America. The email is signed by Dr. Kenyn M. Cureton, Vice President for Church Ministries, Family Research Council.  Visiting their website, we decided to click on “Join the Movement”. This group appears to be very concerned about a number of important things—including marriage, family, freedom, and spiritual leadership. Interestingly, their biblical examples of spiritual leaders and their struggle for righteousness and justice are all men including Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, and Peter. In addition, their examples of spiritual leaders from American history are all men. Including; P... Read more
We’ve got a wonderful line-up of posts for you this week about marriage, men in ministry, women of the Bible, Jonathan Crombie (aka Gilbert Blythe), and peek at Carolyn Custis James’ new book Malestrom.  "Marriage is not a Democracy," by Tim Fall “Marriage isn’t anything like a democracy. The Bible says that in marriage the woman and man become one, and that means they act together. There’s no tie-breaking vote because there’s no vote taken in the first place. It’s about working together at all times, mutually submitting to one another at all times, and going through life together at all times.” "I Don’t Believe in Men in Ministry," by Patrick Oden “I don’t believe in men in ministry beca... Read more
Elizabeth Staszak
Celebrating the ascension of Christ means celebrating his lessons, his teachings. Demonstrably, Christ gives us a cultural lesson found in the Gospel of John. It is a lesson in proper grieving, with Jesus responding to a sorrowful situation with a typically “feminine” attribute (a strong emotional reaction) and a typically male attribute (a show of power). The attributes are not mutually exclusive to one gender. Jesus mourns with Mary and Martha over the death of their brother and his friend Lazarus before raising him from the dead. This example is relevant today because Western culture allows for very strict definitions of what is considered appropriate displays of emotion from both sexes, but more emphatically, how males are allowed to show grief.   Emotional mourning... Read more