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Free Articles

CBE is pleased to offer access to thousands of pages of material on biblical equality. Most of this content is available for free on our website, and we encourage you to explore our site and read what we have to offer.

The entire archives of all our publications (our academic journal, Priscilla Papers; our magazine, Mutuality; our e-newsletter, Arise; and our blog, The CBE Scroll) are hosted on our site. The majority of this content is available for free, with the most recent few volumes of Priscilla Papers and Mutuality accessible only to subscribers and CBE members.

In addition, our special edition journals, which bundle Priscilla Papers and Mutuality content (and an occasional new article) around a specific topic, are available for download in PDF form.

Finally, we've posted several miscellaneous resources which we recommend, some published by CBE and some published by others.