We simply could not do what we do without volunteers! There are so many volunteer opportunities, and some of them can be conducted away from CBE’s headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of common volunteer projects. Some of the projects require computer skills. CBE assesses the skills of each volunteer before assigning a volunteer project.

  1. Review books for CBE's bookstore.
  2. Hold a CBE booth at your church, school, or business.
  3. Assist with Javascript and other IT projects.
  4. Prepare mailings by assembling materials; stuffing, labeling, and stamping envelopes.
  5. Phone individuals and libraries about their membership or subscription.
  6. Enter data into CBE’s database.
  7. Conduct internet research and enter findings into a spreadsheet.
  8. Assist CBE staff with administrative or outreach tasks.
  9. Offer your expertise to CBE's staff. We're all ears.

Volunteer Application

 Download and print our volunteer application.