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CBE is pleased to provide you with significant articles on biblical equality! Note: These articles are copyrighted. You may download and print copies for personal use, but please do not edit, alter, or sell any of these articles in whole or in part.

Award-Winning Articles from 2013

Instinctively Egalitarian: Signs of Encouragement from Australia
by Denise Cooper-Clarke
On Modesty and Male Privilege: The Reason for Rape Is Not V-Necks and Skinny Jeans
by Luke Harms
The Shame of the Unnamed Women of the Old Testament
by Margaret Mowczko

A Few of Our Favorites:

Church Happens (PDF)
by Greg Boyd
Ideas Have Consequences (PDF)
by Mimi Haddad
A Review of the Driscolls' Real Marriage (PDF)
by Tim Krueger
Beyond Aprons and Pickup Trucks (PDF)
by Heather Lundy

The Biblical Basis for Women's Service in the Church (PDF)
by N.T. Wright

A Most Twisted Love (PDF)
by Vyckie Garrison


Staff Picks:

"Does Kephale Mean 'Source' or 'Authority Over' in Greek Literature?": A Rebuttal
by Richard S. Cervin
A Movie Review of Courageous
by Jenny Rae Armstrong
On the Compatibility of Ontological Equality, Hierarchy and Functional Distinctions
by Alan Myatt
First Timothy 2:12, the Ordination of Women, and Paul's Use of Creation Narratives
by John Jefferson Davis
Wild at Heart: Essential Reading or “Junk Food of the Soul?” John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart
by Brynn Camery-Hoggatt and Nealson Munn
I Believe in Male Headship
by Gilbert Bilezikian


  1. Discovering Biblical Equality: Complementarity Without Hierarchy
    by Ronald W. Pierce and Rebecca Merrill Groothuis, general editors, with Gordon D. Fee, contributing editor
  2. God's Word to Women: One Hundred Bible Studies on Woman's Place in the Church and Home
    by Katharine C. Bushnell
  3. The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible
    by Scot McKnight
  4. No Time for Silence: Evangelical Women in Public Ministry Around the Turn of the Century
    by Janette Hassey
  5. This Is My Story: Testimonies and Sermons of Black Women in Ministry
    by Cleophus J. LaRue, ed.