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Date (y-m-d) Title Author
2014-07-17 The Tenets Need to Go, Too (Part 1) Jeub, Chris
2014-07-10 Silence Aída Besançon Spencer
2014-07-03 See You in Colombia! Spencer, William David
2014-06-26 Bold Girls Speak: Girls of the Bible Come Alive Today Stromer Hanson, Mary
2014-06-19 Fighting Words Cairns Mann, Sharon
2014-06-12 TOGETHER: Reclaiming Co-Leadership in Marriage evans, tim+anne
2014-06-05 On That Night Jacobs, Lauren
2014-05-29 In a Different Image Para-Mallam, Funmi
2014-05-22 The Legacy of Katherine Bushnell, T.L. and Daisy Washburn-Osborn Valcarcel, Michael
2014-05-15 Identity Crisis: Man Up Bankes, Anthony
2014-05-08 Peering under Our Collective Burqa Nielsen-Jones, Emily
2014-05-01 Women in Leadership: A Look at Intervarsity Fryling, Bob
2014-04-28 The Resurrection of Christ: Its Significance for the Church and the World Geis, Francis H.
2014-04-17 Male and Female: One Image, One Purpose Haddad, Mimi
2014-04-10 The Selling and Buying of Souls (Part 2) Schwartz, Sherry
2014-04-03 The Selling and Buying of Souls (Part 1) Schwartz, Sherry
2014-03-27 Ludmila Javorova: For Such a Time as This Ritchie, Hilary
2014-03-20 Thérèse of Lisieux: "My Vocation Is Love!" Ritchie, Hilary
2014-03-13 Anna: Proclaimer of God's Grace Quient, Allison
2014-03-06 Zilpha Elaw: Sanctifying Power Ritchie, Hilary
2014-02-27 Living Stones Ritchie, Hilary
2014-02-20 Women in Christianity: A Review Hoppin, Ruth
2014-02-13 A Second Look at a Significant Book McNally, Hugh
2014-02-06 "Belay On": Reflections on Rock Climbing and Marriage James, Adam and Caroline
2014-01-30 Egalitarian Narrative in Scripture Correll, Ruth
2014-01-23 Identity in Creation and Christ (Part 4) Haddad, Mimi
2014-01-16 Identity in Creation and Christ (Part 3) Haddad, Mimi
2014-01-09 Identity in Creation and Christ (Part 2) Haddad, Mimi
2014-01-02 Identity in Creation and Christ (Part 1) Haddad, Mimi


Date (y-m-d) Title Author
2013-12-26 Teen Dating Violence Miles, Al
2013-12-19 Putting Women Back in the Picture Tidball, Derek
2013-12-12 Seeing is Believing Rickett, Michele
2013-12-5 Marital Intimacy Undermined Hiebert, Dennis
2013-11-28 Living Mirrors McKinnis, Rick
2013-11-14 Giving to the Max When All You Have Is the Min Fan, Daniel
2013-11-07 A Woman's Call Conde-Frazier, Elizabeth
2013-10-31 Low Expectations Smith, Christine
2013-10-24 Have You Revisited Mary and Martha? Stromer Hanson, Mary
2013-10-17 Women Crossing Borders Pierson, Cheri
2013-10-10 Practicing What Is Preached Abroad Taylor, Shirley
2013-10-03 Thoughts on Lean In Grant, Myrna
2013-09-26 Reading with Blinders On Kohlenberger, John
2013-09-19 Jesus Feminist Bessey, Sarah
2013-09-12 Male Rule a Biblical Ideal? (Part 2) Haddad, Mimi
2013-09-05 Male Rule a Biblical Ideal? (Part 1) Haddad, Mimi
2013-08-29 Me Duelle Mi Corazón (My Heart Pains Me) Pasch, Madeline
2013-08-22 Whatever You Do (Part 3) Newton, John
2013-08-15 Whatever You Do (Part 2) Newton, John
2013-08-08 Whatever You Do (Part 1) Newton, John
2013-08-01 Why Aren't Women Preaching? Nguyen-Kwok, MaryAnn
2013-07-25 What Must a Woman Do to Be Saved? Mowczko, Margaret
2013-07-18 Youth Curriculum in Kenya Misolo, Domnic
2013-07-11 Daughters of Sheerah Awaken Jacobs, Lauren
2013-07-04 Jaimashi! Swanson, Vaun
2013-06-27 What a Shame! Miller, Jeff
2013-06-20 A Prayer to End Discrimination Against Women in the Church Whitlock Jr, Mark E.
2013-06-13 In Which We Have a Frank Chat About My Marital Status Young, Amy
2013-06-06 Why CBE Matters Warford, Patricia
2013-05-30 An Unexpected Role Model Krueger, Tim
2013-05-23 Conference in Phnom Penh Cambodia Haddad, Mimi
2013-05-16 Is Egalitarianism on a Slippery Slope? Cramer, David
2013-05-09 On Why I Still Need You to Defend Me Swithinbank, Hannah
2013-05-02 Why I Can No Longer Defend the Ministry of Women in the Church Holmes, Steve
2013-04-25 No Middle Road Wilson, Krista
2013-04-18 Give us Eyes to See and Ears that Hear Haddad, Mimi
2013-04-11 Speak Up! Rasmussen, Hannah
2013-04-04 The Oldest Profession Anti-Egalitarian Crime Belles, Nita
2013-03-28 Esther: When God Calls For Disobedience Quient, Allison
2013-03-21 Junia: Outstanding Among the Apostles Quient, Allison
2013-03-14 Phoebe: "Helper" or Leader? Quient, Allison
2013-03-07 Judging Deborah Quient, Allison
2013-02-28 Making History By Remembering History Quient, Allison
2013-02-21 Male-Female Complementarity? (Part 3) Stewart Van Leeuwen, Mary
2013-02-14 Male-Female Complementarity? (Part 2) Stewart Van Leeuwen, Mary
2013-02-07 Male-Female Complementarity? (Part 1) Stewart Van Leeuwen, Mary
2013-01-31 "Man and Woman" or "Husband and Wife" in 1 Timothy 2:8-15? Payne, Philip
2013-01-24 "Man and Woman" or "Husband and Wife"? Payne, Philip
2013-01-17 Who's in Charge? Wartick, J.W.
2013-01-10 "You're a Pretty Good Speaker for a Woman" Escobar, Kathy
2013-01-03 Motherhood and Vocation Foote, Carla


Date (y-m-d) Title Author
2012-12-27 Gender Balancing Our World: Be the Change (Part 2) Nielsen Jones, Emily
2012-12-20 Gender Balancing Our World: Be the Change (Part 1) Nielsen Jones, Emily
2012-12-13 Does Romans 5 Teach Male Headship? Payne, Philip
2012-12-06 Subverting Injustice Krueger, Tim
2012-11-29 Women Bishops: It's About the Bible Wright, N.T.
2012-11-22 Reaching Goals, Giving Thanks Haddad, Mimi
2012-11-15 Give to the Max Day Haddad, Mimi
2012-11-08 Never Forget Baker, Morven
2012-11-01 Never Give Up Haddad, Mimi
2012-10-25 Bondage Heath, Elaine
2012-10-18 What Can One Church Do? Weatherholt, Anne
2012-10-11 Shame or Grandiosity or... Neufeld, Don
2012-10-04 Words That Hurt Swanson, Vaun
2012-09-27 Domestic Violence Awareness Warford, Patricia
2012-09-20 Androgyny Howell, Susan
2012-09-13 Giving the Church a Bad Name Mowczko, Margaret
2012-09-06 Partners in Parenting Taylor, Dayna
2012-08-30 Egalitarian Journey Howell, J. Dwayne
2012-08-23 Breaking the Rules Howell, Susan
2012-08-16 Notes from a Kenyan Diary Haddad, Mimi
2012-08-09 One in Christ Jesus Haddad, Mimi
2012-08-02 An Ethos of Mutuality Krueger, Tim
2012-07-26 Habituation: Blindness to the Familiar Howell, Susan
2012-07-19 Choose Love Howell, J. Dwayne
2012-07-12 Abigail: Old Testament Type-of-Christ Celoria, Heather
2012-07-05 Clarity for Complex Issues Haddad, Mimi
2012-06-28 Leadership and Integrity Ramachandra, Vinoth
2012-06-21 Making Space for the Feminine Voice Armstrong, Jenny Rae
2012-06-14 Paul's Leadership Mowczko, Margaret
2012-06-07 Spirit of Pentecost Kirk, J. R. Daniel
2012-05-31 A Time to Speak Kirk, J. R. Daniel
2012-05-24 On Earth as in Heaven (Is God Male? Part 5) Haddad, Mimi
2012-05-17 Is God Male? (Part 4) Haddad, Mimi
2012-05-10 Is God Male? (Part 3) Haddad, Mimi
2012-05-03 Is God Male? (Part 2) Haddad, Mimi
2012-04-26 Worship a Male God? (Is God Male? Part 1) Haddad, Mimi
2012-04-19 Love Builds Up Greulich, Megan
2012-04-12 Ideas Have Consequences: Power, Gender, and Evangelicals Haddad, Mimi
2012-04-05 Easter Has Changed Everything! Haddad, Mimi
2012-03-29 Anglican Priest: Li Tim-Oi Mastrostefano, Mariel
2012-03-22 Prison Reformer: Elizabeth Fry Mastrostefano, Mariel
2012-03-15 Courageous Resistance: Marie Durand Mastrostefano, Mariel
2012-03-08 A Desert Mother: Amma Syncletica Mastrostefano, Mariel
2012-03-01 Celebrating Women's History Month Mastrostefano, Mariel
2012-02-23 From Complementarian to Egalitarian Marble, Kristen
2012-02-16 On Jesus' Choosing Twelve Men Kirk, J.R. Daniel
2012-02-09 Imaging the Biblical God Kirk, J.R. Daniel
2012-02-02 Shifting Footings McKnight, Scot
2012-01-26 "The Resignation of Eve": A Review Armstrong, Jenny Rae
2012-01-19 Merely a Children's Minister Miller, Jeff
2012-01-12 Why Deborah Makes all the Difference Gupta, Nijay
2012-01-05 An Open Letter to Women in Seminary Roberts, Kyle 


Date (y-m-d) Title Author
2011-12-29 Not Yet Shaw, Karen
2011-12-22 Newness of Life in Christ Haddad, Mimi
2011-12-15 The Bible's Answer to Human Trafficking
(Part 3)
Johnson, Rajkumar Boaz
2011-12-08 The Bible's Answer to Human Trafficking
(Part 2)
Johnson, Rajkumar Boaz
2011-12-01 The Bible's Answer to Human Trafficking (Part 1) Johnson, Rajkumar Boaz
2011-11-24 Praise God from whom All Blessings Flow Haddad, Mimi
2011-11-17 Trinity Statement Echoes Nicene Creed Patrow, Kriste
2011-11-10 Paradox of Faith Haddad, Mimi
2011-11-03 God Meets Needs Haddad, Mimi
2011-10-27 The Culpability of the Church—When Silence is not "Golden" Weatherholt, Anne
2011-10-20 Glimpsing Eve Nielsen Jones, Emily
2011-10-13 The Incompatibility of Patriarchy and Servant Leadership Swanson, Vaun
2011-10-06 A Matter of Justice: My Journey Towards Gender Equality Robinson, Lance
2011-09-29 Leader in Kenya Shares How He Became an Egalitarian Misolo, Domnic Omolo
2011-09-22 Rahab the Inkeeper Jacobs, Lauren
2011-09-15 Words that Still Burn Klatt, Sarah
2011-09-08 Reflections on Justice and Hope Yau, Cecilia
2011-09-01 Damaris Who? Robb-Dover, Kristina
2011-08-25 Treating Like Things Differently Cramer, David
2011-08-18 The Oasis-Like Mentor Hertig, Young Lee
2011-08-11 At Critical Moments LaCelle-Peterson, Kristina
2011-08-04 Women Leaders in the Philippian Church Mowczko, Margaret
2011-07-28 What Is Your Inheritance? Wood, Beluah
2011-07-21 One Flesh, One Purpose, One Rank Haddad, Mimi
2011-07-14 Pregnancy and Priesthood Weatherholt, Anne
2011-07-07 Simpler Explanations Hereth, Blake
2011-06-30 Father Knows Best Kane, Jennifer
2011-06-23 Philip's Daughters: Prophets Crossing Borders Yong, Amos
2011-06-16 Fretting Over Phoebe Bird, Michael
2011-06-09 Conversation As a Change Agent Haddad, Mimi
2011-06-02 Recipe for Disaster Swanson, Vaun
2011-05-26 No Will of My Own Zens, Jon
2011-05-19 Learning in Unity Southwell, Chrystal
2011-05-12 Choosing Priest instead of Princess Robinson, Laura
2011-05-05 Truth Incarnate LeClaire, Aaron
2011-04-28 From the Malls of America to the Destitute and Lost Haddad, Mimi
2011-04-21 The Power of the Cross Beyer, Elizabeth
2011-04-14 Breaking Silence Haddad, Mimi
2011-04-07 Abuse: The Elephant in the Sanctuary Haddad, Mimi
2011-03-31 Pandita Ramabai: Social Reformer and Bible Translator Haddad, Mimi
2011-03-24 Sojourner Truth: Abolitionist, Suffragist, and Preacher Haddad, Mimi
2011-03-17 Teresa of Avila: Church Reformer Haddad, Mimi
2011-03-10 Thecla: Coworker with the Apostle Paul Haddad, Mimi
2011-03-03 March for Equality: Celebrating Women's History Month Dunham, Jennifer
2011-02-24 Equality and its Impact Swanson, Vaun
2011-02-17 Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger Haddad, Mimi
2011-02-10 Stained Glass Ceiling Swanson, Vaun
2011-02-03 Justice and Empathy Haddad, Mimi
2011-01-27 Navigating Disappointing Friendships Rector, Laura
2011-01-20 Reaching the Average Joe Grady, J. Lee
2011-01-13 The New NIV 2011 Kohlenberger, John
2011-01-06 Reverencing Jesus Watts, Rikk


Date (y-m-d) Title Author
2010-12-30 "Plain and Clear" Teaching? Wolfe, Nicholas
2010-12-23 A Tribute to Dr. Roger Nicole (December 1915 - December 2010) Haddad, Mimi
2010-12-16 Tapping Living Water Cho, Theresa
2010-12-09 How I Changed My Mind: An ETS Panel Discussion (Part 2) Johnson, Alan
2010-12-02 How I Changed My Mind: An ETS Panel Discussion (Part 1) Johnson, Alan
2010-11-25 ETS 2010: Taking Back the Night for Biblical Equality Haddad, Mimi
2010-11-18 Beauty We Should Crave Dunham, Jennifer
2010-11-11 An Unsuspecting Preacher Womble, T. Scott
2010-11-04 Have You Ever Seen a Lassie? Shade, JoAnn
2010-10-28 I am Saint Apphia Lunceford, Joe
2010-10-21 Is Women's Leadership in the Church a "Primary Issue"? Haddad, Mimi
2010-10-14 "Wild-Hearted" Daughters Rivadeneira, Caryn
2010-10-07 Women in Ministry: Following Christ's Example Smith, Efrem
2010-09-30 The Myth of the Spiritual Covering (Part 2) Baumert, Lisa
2010-09-23 The Myth of the Spiritual Covering (Part 1) Baumert, Lisa
2010-09-16 Headship in Ephesians Baumert, Lisa
2010-09-09 Finding the Mind of the Lord Together Zens, Jon
2010-09-02 Brokenness and Beauty Cannon, Mae
2010-08-26 Nearly Forgotten History Pope-Levison, Priscilla
2010-08-19 Paul's Qualifications for Church Leaders Mowczko, Margaret
2010-08-12 The Challenges of Communication Kroeger, Catherine
2010-08-05 Head of the House? Mickelsen, Alvera
2010-07-29 Crowns Off Robinson, Laura
2010-07-22 Feminization of the Church (Part 2) Baumert, Lisa
2010-07-15 Feminization of the Church (Part 1) Baumert, Lisa
2010-07-08 Saved Through Childbearing Zens, Jon
2010-07-01 "Such" vs. "Other" Miller, Jeff
2010-06-24 CBE "Down Under" (Part 2) Sykes, Liz and Trevor
2010-06-17 CBE "Down Under" (Part 1) Sykes, Liz and Trevor
2010-06-10 Renewal in Christ Haddad, Mimi
2010-06-03 Moving Out of Captivity Haddad, Mimi
2010-05-27 Making Women Visible! Haddad, Mimi
2010-05-20 An Interview with Dr. Pamela Erwin Park, Caroline
2010-05-13 Deep Justice and Gender Cannon, Mae
2010-05-06 Needed: Socially Innovative Women Kroeger, Catherine
2010-04-29 Receiving Truth Park, Caroline
2010-04-22 Without Constraints Park, Caroline
2010-04-15 Lift High Your Swords, Sons of Adam Ellen
2010-04-08 Let's Not Lose Our Legacy Rader, Kay
2010-04-01 A New Creation in Christ: He is Risen! Haddad, Mimi
2010-03-25 Practical Implications Payne, Philip
2010-03-18 A Vision of Unity Kane, Jennifer
2010-03-11 A Disturbing Question Fong, Ken
2010-03-04 Why Did God Create Woman? Haddad, Mimi
2010-02-25 The Healing Touch of Jesus Crawford, Cathy
2010-02-18 How Embarrasing! Miller, Jeff
2010-02-11 Paul's Theological Axioms Should Guide Exegesis Payne, Philip
2010-02-04 What Paul's Personal Relationships Reveal Payne, Philip
2010-01-28 Gender Egalitarianism in Marriage Cohick, Lynn
2010-01-21 Women in the World of the Earliest Christians Cohick, Lynn
2010-01-14 Challenging Assumptions and Errors One Book at a Time Haddad, Mimi
2010-01-07 Plentiful Harvest McCarthy, Missy


Date (y-m-d) Title Author
2009-12-31 The Joy of Giving Haddad, Mimi
2009-12-24 Witness of the Prophets Haddad, Mimi
2009-12-17 The Abuse of Scripture and its Consequences in Gender Inequality (Part 2) Brauch, Manfred
2009-12-10 The Abuse of Scripture and its Consequences in Gender Inequality (Part 1) Brauch, Manfred
2009-12-03 The Great Error of History Haddad, Mimi
2009-11-26 A Thankful Thanksgiving Haddad, Mimi
2009-11-19 A Man Will Leave His Father and Mother Mickelsen, Alvera
2009-11-12 Cultural Preferences or Biblical Absolutes Haddad, Mimi
2009-11-05 Women Prophets of the Old Testament Hess, Richard
2009-10-29 Does Genesis 1-3 Teach Hierarchy? Young, Allison
2009-10-22 A Reason for a Deep, Persistent Hope Greulich, Megan
2009-10-15 Mutual Submission in Self-sacrificial Love Young, Allison
2009-10-08 "Thou Shalt Not Tempt the Lord thy God" Kroeger, Catherine
2009-10-01 Christ Changes Everything! All Things are Made New Haddad, Mimi
2009-09-24 Esther: A Woman in Full Authority Haddad, Mimi
2009-09-17 Newness of Life in Christ Haddad, Mimi
2009-09-10 Caring For Words, Caring For Truth Haddad, Mimi
2009-09-03 CBE Supports Preserving Biblical Accuracy Haddad, Mimi
2009-08-27 Scripture Changes Lives! Haddad, Mimi
2009-08-20 Leadership Requires Character Haddad, Mimi
2009-08-13 Qualities of a Leader Haddad, Mimi
2009-08-06 Speaking Truth in Love Haddad, Mimi
2009-07-30 The Ultimate Marriage Passage Mickelsen, Alvera
2009-07-23 "I Just Didn't Think About You" Saylor, Nicole
2009-07-16 May Women Serve as Deacons? Haddad, Mimi
2009-07-09 A Great Host of Women Haddad, Mimi
2009-07-02 Eyes to See and Ears to Hear Greulich, Megan
2009-06-25 God's View of Singleness Colund, Jessi
2009-06-18 Learning in Submission Clark, Susannah
2009-06-11 Women Leaders Haddad, Mimi
2009-06-04 Instruments of God Haddad, Mimi
2009-05-28 Fact vs Truth? Haddad, Mimi
2009-05-21 Loss Turned into Gain Haddad, Mimi
2009-05-14 Seeing Yourself in the Text Haddad, Mimi
2009-05-07 Will the Real Evangelicals Please Stand Up? Haddad, Mimi
2009-04-30 Gifts With a Purpose Haddad, Mimi
2009-04-23 Is Gender the Most Important Factor in Life? Haddad, Mimi
2009-04-16 Following After Peace Kroeger, Catherine
2009-04-09 Made Alive and One in Christ Haddad, Mimi
2009-04-02 A Kingdom in Crisis Extermann, Martine
2009-03-26 1 Corinthians 14 Haddad, Mimi
2009-03-19 Do We Follow Christ or Culture? Mickelsen, Alvera
2009-03-12 "The Harp of the Holy Spirit" Kroeger, Catherine
2009-03-05 Are Women More Easily Deceived? Haddad, Mimi
2009-02-26 Destructive Authority Haddad, Mimi
2009-02-19 Joint Heirs of Christ's Kingdom Haddad, Mimi
2009-02-12 Faithfulness Extermann, Martine
2009-02-05 An Egalitarian 1st Century Church Haddad, Mimi
2009-01-29 Even in Old Age Kroeger, Catherine
2009-01-22 A New Focus Haddad, Mimi
2009-01-15 One Body, Many Parts Haddad, Mimi
2009-01-08 Gladys Aylward: "Virtuous One" Haddad, Mimi
2009-01-01 Looking Backwards Before Moving Forward Haddad, Mimi


Date (y-m-d) Title Author
2008-12-25 Mary, the Mother of Jesus Mickelsen, Alvera
2008-12-18 An Egalitarian Mega Church? Haddad, Mimi
2008-12-11 Women in Missions Haddad, Mimi
2008-12-04 Egalitarian History Haddad, Mimi
2008-11-27 Summary of ETS Haddad, Mimi
2008-11-20 What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus? Mickelsen, Alvera
2008-11-13 Culture and Tradition: Where is the Real Question? Extermann, Martine
2008-11-06 Jesus and Women Haddad, Mimi
2008-10-30 Interpreting Scripture Haddad, Mimi
2008-10-23 How One Piece of Paper Changed Lives Haddad, Mimi
2008-10-16 Co-workers with Christ Kohlenberger, John
2008-10-09 Leadership as Service Haddad, Mimi
2008-10-02 Suppressing Women Leadership: Kicking Against God's Will? Haddad, Mimi
2008-09-25 Giving Words Their Real Meaning! Haddad, Mimi
2008-09-18 The Bold Leadership of Women in the Bible Haddad, Mimi
2008-09-11 The Presidential Campaign Haddad, Mimi
2008-09-04 Clarifying Egalitarianism Greulich, Megan
2008-08-28 Why Become Egalitarian? Haddad, Mimi
2008-08-21 Household of Ministry Extermann, Martine
2008-08-14 Joint Heirs: Reigning with Jesus (Part 2) Haddad, Mimi
2008-08-07 Joint Heirs: Reigning with Jesus (Part 1) Haddad, Mimi
2008-07-31 Headship: Laying Down Authority Haddad, Mimi
2008-07-24 Customs and Traditions Mickelsen, Alvera
2008-07-17 Twenty Years Later Mickelsen, Alvera
2008-07-10 Daily Faithfulness Haddad, Mimi
2008-07-03 Patient Dedication Haddad, Mimi
2008-06-26 Community in the Body of Christ Haddad, Mimi
2008-06-19 The Gracious Submission of All Servant Leaders Haddad, Mimi
2008-06-12 Summer Reunions Haddad, Mimi
2008-06-05 Thick Skinned? Sullivan, Joy
2008-05-29 Watch Us Fly! Sullivan, Joy
2008-05-22 Voices Sullivan, Joy
2008-05-15 Irrevocably Changed Sullivan, Joy
2008-05-08 Are Women Fully Human? Haddad, Mimi
2008-05-01 The Witness of Scripture and Tradition Haddad, Mimi
2008-04-24 Missions and Gender Haddad, Mimi
2008-04-17 The Blossoming of New Life Haddad, Mimi
2008-04-10 "Properly Scared" Haddad, Mimi
2008-04-03 Speak Out! Haddad, Mimi
2008-03-27 A Broken Body Haddad, Mimi
2008-03-20 Christ is Risen! Haddad, Mimi
2008-03-13 Reasoning Together Haddad, Mimi
2008-03-06 Wild at Heart For Jesus Haddad, Mimi
2008-02-28 Two are Better Than One Haddad, Mimi
2008-02-21 Intercession Haddad, Mimi
2008-02-14 Cultural Preferences or Biblical Absolutes? Haddad, Mimi
2008-02-07 "I No Longer Live, But Christ Lives in Me" Haddad, Mimi
2008-01-31 God is at Work Haddad, Mimi
2008-01-24 An Inductive Approach to Scripture Haddad, Mimi
2008-01-17 "Yes, But Not Yet!" Haddad, Mimi
2008-01-10 Male Authority in the Church and Home, But Not Society? Haddad, Mimi
2008-01-03 Reconciliation and Rebirth Haddad, Mimi


Date (y-m-d) Title Author
2007-12-27 Walking in Faith Haddad, Mimi
2007-12-20 Walk in Newness of Life Haddad, Mimi
2007-12-13 God's Word is Powerful Haddad, Mimi
2007-12-06 Making Biblical Decisions Haddad, Mimi
2007-11-29 Servant Leadership or Christian Service? Haddad, Mimi
2007-11-22 The Whole Gospel for the Whole World Haddad, Mimi
2007-11-15 All Truth is God's Truth! Haddad, Mimi
2007-11-08 A Bad Tree Cannot Produce Good Fruit Haddad, Mimi
2007-11-01 "What Counts is the New Creation" Rettig, Will
2007-10-25 Baptism in Christ: Giving Words Their Full Meaning Haddad, Mimi
2007-10-18 A Simple Word of Thanks Haddad, Mimi
2007-10-11 A Difficult Model Rettig, Will
2007-10-04 "How Beautiful are the Feet..." Haddad, Mimi
2007-09-27 CBE's Prophets and Priests Haddad, Mimi
2007-09-20 Standing Firmly Upon the Gospel Haddad, Mimi
2007-09-13 "If They Keep Quiet, the Stones Will Cry Out" Haddad, Mimi
2007-09-06 "The Harvest is Plentiful, But the Workers are Few" Haddad, Mimi
2007-08-30 Following Up Love with Service Rettig, Will
2007-08-23 Egalitarian Conferences Span the Globe! Haddad, Mimi
2007-08-16 Joy Overflows: A Summary of CBE's Colorado Conference Haddad, Mimi
2007-08-09 The Life of Faith in Pink and Blue? Haddad, Mimi
2007-08-02 "Blessed Rather are Those..." Haddad, Mimi
2007-07-26 The "Frightful Danger" of Truth Haddad, Mimi
2007-07-19 Where Have All the Chaplains Gone? Haddad, Mimi
2007-07-12 Can't We Just Agree to Disagree? Haddad, Mimi
2007-07-05 Strong Egalitarian Support at Cornerstone! Haddad, Mimi
2007-06-28 Sharing One Another's Burdens Haddad, Mimi
2007-06-21 The Company of Earlier Generations Haddad, Mimi
2007-06-14 A Cup of Cold Water Haddad, Mimi
2007-06-07 To Speak or Not to Speak Haddad, Mimi
2007-05-24 Answering the Call Haddad, Mimi
2007-05-17 Certain of Our Hope Haddad, Mimi
2007-05-10 Have You Heard? Haddad, Mimi
2007-05-03 It's Almost That Time Again! Haddad, Mimi
2007-04-26 Celebrating Our Students and Graduates Haddad, Mimi
2007-04-19 Celebrating the Next Generation of CBE Leaders Haddad, Mimi
2007-04-12 Celebrate CBE Victories! Haddad, Mimi
2007-04-05 Welcome to Arise! Haddad, Mimi